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Mix up your delivery

Mix up your delivery

Yesterday I was with a customer of ours for a training session and we had a conversation on keeping online audiences engaged. How do you do that? What are the tricks?

Our brilliant colleagues from Duarte wrote about this in Resonate. In a nutshell, one way is to mix up your delivery style. However, how do you do that when online? Here's one thing to try:

Step 1: Look at your slides and see is/are there any where you can create a discussion or just spend more time on.

Step 2: Get to that slide, show it and then stop the screen share.

Step 3: Discuss or present everything you planned.

Step 4: Restart the screen share.

Congrats. You've changed something in front of your audience's eyes and that should've led them to reengage with you and your talk. It was your slide first(and you but you were a small square box). Then it was you. Then it was your slides again.

And it works on any platform.

You're welcome. ;)