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Stage fright. Past and future.

Stage fright. Past and future.

I was participating in a podcast yesterday and we didn't manage to answer all the questions of the live audience. Thus, these next two mails will be me answering what we weren't able to.

Did you ever have experience stage fright and if so, what did you do to improve?

Come on now. Everyone has and most of us continue to experience some form of stage fright till this day. I was so anxious before and during my first 5 -10 presentations, I wasn't able to even maintain eye contact at all. I was looking at the floor throughout the whole thing. It was that sad.

How did I and how can you improve? Limit the number of unknowns. Put in other way - remove as much uncertainty as possible. Rehearse. Go at the room early - test. If online - try all the features you'll use. Backup your files. Have a spare device even if it's a crucial talk.

Be prepared for any scenario. That's where confidence comes from.